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About our Query API

Powered by Elasticsearch under the hood for powerful aggregations and expressive queries


Carpool's API layer was designed as an intent-based API, and as such, should feel natural and easy to work with. Users can perform complex queries without needing to understand the intricacies of the Elasticsearch DSL.


Instead of separating API logic across multiple endpoints, all queries live under one POST endpoint and are differentiated by the body params. At the top level, the "type" field will dictate the overall type of query you'd like to make. The "query" object holds the majority of relevant fields for the query type you are invoking.
Carpool indexes programs on both Devnet and Mainnet:
  • Devnet -
  • Mainnet -

API Reference

Feel free to dive into any of Carpool's potential queries. They are divided into 3 major categories:


You'll notice that many of Carpool's query types contain a "filter" field in the POST body. All queries that accept a filter object can make use of any of the potential filters. We've detailed these out for you in the Filters section of our docs: