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Organization Management

Carpool is meant for teams. Here, we'll show you the basics of our organization management system.

Organization Overview

The Organization page lets you view and manage your team. It’s very straightforward. If you aren’t an administrator for your organization, you’ll be limited to just viewing the members of your team. Admins can access additional functions here.


By default, the user who initially created the organization is designated as the org’s administrator. Admins are able to invite new members, rescind invites, and remove existing members from the org. Multiple administrators can exist for a single org, but we haven’t implemented a self-service way of creating new admins just yet. Contact us if you’d like to make other members of your team admins.

Inviting Team Members

Simply enter the email of the team member that you’d like to invite into the Email field within Organization Invites and hit Invite Member. This will send an email invitation to that user with a link they can use to sign into Carpool as part of your org. Once you create an invitation, you’ll be able to view it on this page, and can rescind it at any time prior to the invited user signing in.

Removing Team Members

In the Organization Members table, you can remove a team member by clicking the Remove button in the Actions column next to a user. This will revoke their access to Carpool for your organization.