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Getting Started

Welcome to the Carpool developer hub. Let's jump right in!
Beta Notice Carpool is still in Beta. Expect some things to be in an “MVP” state for a bit. While there will be plenty of changes, we’re a dev-first team and promise to both communicate updates regularly and avoid changes that will disrupt your applications.

Signing Up

Sign up and get started with Carpool in under 5 minutes.
First off, here’s the link. You need to not be signed into Carpool to use it.
Carpool is designed for use by teams of engineers. As such, when you sign up, you’re first creating an Organization and then inviting yourself to it. When you and your team log into Carpool, you’ll always be doing so in the context of an organization. You can use the same email across multiple organizations.
For now, you must use Google-based email accounts to sign into Carpool. This is just to simplify our auth backend. We’ll definitely add more sign-in methods in the future.


We go into much greater depth on this in the "Onboarding Programs" section of our docs, but it’s important to understand that our platform builds upon the data that you’re indexing. Your first course of action with Carpool is to onboard one of your programs. If you’ve built your program with Anchor and published the IDL to MainNet, this should only take about 10 seconds to do. Input your programID and you're good to go. Check out our Indexing docs for more:
Indexing Multiple Programs
Currently, you can index one program when you join Carpool. We're in the process of setting up a tiered/paid system for indexing more than one program. However, if you like the product and are willing to work with us during the beta by providing feedback, reach out to us and we'll lift this restriction.

Create an API Key

Head over to the “API Keys” section of the app and create an API Key to start using Carpool data in your app. Just set that value in the x-api-key header and you’re set.
Take a look at our Querying docs for more:

Invite Your Team

Make your way over to the "Organization" section of the app and invite other members of your team to collaborate within Carpool. For more detailed info, check out our Org Management docs:

Check Out the Rest of Our Docs

What it says on the tin. Have a look around, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions and (especially) feature requests!